The AACM School of Music is currently on hiatus. Please check back soon with more information on upcoming classes, master classes and workshops.

In addition to offering instruction in all instruments and vocals, all students are required to take theory classes as well. The AACM School of Music provides students with a through grounding in all facets of music theory from sight reading and harmony, to history, composition and orchestration.

The AACM School of Music faculty is made up entirely of AACM members, many of whom are themselves graduates of the program. All teachers volunteer their time and expertise. This gives the school a unique character, for it is an institution where the teachers are constantly performing the techniques and ideas being taught to theirstudents. During the school semester, workshops by AACM members or visiting artists and field trips to AACM concerts are an integral part of the learning experience.

The AACM School of Music aims to give talented youth the opportunity to realize his or her musical potential, and to give all students the understanding of the beauty of music in general and Great Black Music in particular. This appreciation in turn, results in a respect for music of all types and a comprehension of the merits of discipline. We aim to foster the skills and discipline in young people that they can apply to any endeavor they may undertake.

Twice yearly, the AACM School of Music showcases the entire student body in recitals. With parents and friends in attendance, the recitals highlight student achievements and development. Students perform traditional pieces along with their own composed works.