AACM's Daringly Original: An Audacious Art Series presents Healing Vibrations


The AACM continues with their Daringly Original: An Audacious Art Series with Healing Vibrations

Healing Vibrations is a Collaboration of Musicians dedicated to uplifting humanity through healing vibration of musical sounds. Healing Vibrations is honoring and celebrating the Divine Sacred Female Principal, sending healing vibrations to all women; from unborn, birth, and beyond. We invite you to come out for an exceptional evening of musical experience.



Art T. Burton, Avreeayl-Ra - Percussion; Alex Wing - Bass; Saalik - Vocals; Taalib-Din Ziyad - Flute and Vocals. Guest Artist, Adedayo Laoye will paint reflections of the music and the female principal in Yoruba Culture


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