Mission Statement

The AACM is a non-profit organization and a collective of composers and musicians dedicated to nurturing, performing and recording high artistic level programs designed to magnify creative music.

The AACM’s mission is to uplift humanity and enhance cultural understanding through the celebration of Great Black Music, to cultivate young musicians in the practice of creative music, and to push the boundaries of contemporary music through composition and improvisation, while providing an environment that encourages the development of its member-artist.

The AACM's School of Music provides free training programs for disadvantaged youth. AACM composers, through their experience as members, often grow to be heralded for groundbreaking innovations in contemporary music.

The AACM provides sources of employment for its musician members through music performance, interdisciplinary projects and composer commissions.

The Great Black Music Ensemble (GBME) and smaller AACM groups inspire local, national and international audiences through performances and touring.